Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Lone Writer

Well, Matt left Wednesday morning, and since then I've written aprox. 3,000 words, leaving me far more than half way behind my word count. Matt and I thought this time away from each other would be great time to focus on our novels, but it seems for me I need another writer around to inspire me to write.

A couple of people have asked me what my novel is about, and I have divulged to them the plot (which isn't incredibly interesting) and gotten asked more than once, "is the main character you?"

"No," I always explain, "she's not me at all, she just happens to have a few experiences in common with me for the sole purpose of me being able to write about them well."

This is true, or at least it was when I started the novel. As my writing goes on, I'm starting to not be able to write because I'm realizing I have no idea how this character thinks. I mean REALLY how she thinks. I know how she acts, that was vaguely outlined when I first had the idea, but she has no voice of her own. Sonya (my main character) is a mere shadow of a human being right now, and while she has revealed a little about herself to me as I write, she hasn't revealed enough and I know I need to make some decisions for this writing process to continue.

Oy, my words wreak of "amateur writer", but that's what I am right?

Also, Audrey Neffenegger has a new book out, Her Fearful Symmetry, which I couldn't help but buy even though it's not in paperback yet ... (I love you Matt, don't be mad!)

Well, back to the writing grind. Wish Sonya and me luck!

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  1. correction! your words 'reek' of amateur writer.