Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feeling Pretty Good

I've had what I've now accepted as a cold for the last few days. I had no idea what it was, because the sinus issues acompanying it have been so bad it's been confusing me (I hardly ever have sinus issues, even when I get sick). Not to mention I feel okay, no fatigue or anything, my head is just conjested and my throat a little sore.

I came into work anyway, which I got scolded for. My boss conceeded to let me stay as long as I didn't get anyone else sick - a promise I can surely keep. I got to work just in time to teach the porition of the "New Patient Orientation Class" that I usually do, which is overdose prevention.

"Have you ever seen an overdose?"

"What does it look like?"

"Why do people overdose?"

"What are some common myths about bringing someone out of an overdose?"

"How to bring someone out of an overdose."

There is always one person in these classes that feels the need to make it very clear that they are experienced in these things, have been using for years, and they know what I'm talking about and then some. I respectfully shut these people down pretty quickly (especially when they're being condescending to other patients), but they make teaching very difficult. Funny thing is though, there's one of those people in any class room setting. The 8th grader who knows more than their teacher, the snooty college student who took one philosophy class so they clearly know Marx better than anyone else does, etc.

This is one of my favorite parts of the week regardless, and as I was walking out of the class room today the woman who knew so much more than I did said, "Thank you so much for coming in even when you don't feel well."

"Well honestly," I said, "I hate missing work. When I get sick it's not like, 'Well, at least I get to miss work today!' because I really would rather be here. I love my job and I love meeting you guys," and the funny thing was I realized I really meant it, and how novel that is.

"God bless you," she said.

"Take care," I replied.